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Among the main products of our Gynecologic Segment, is the disposable Vaginal Speculum, especially designed to adapt itself to the vaginal fornix and to reduce the discomfort of pacients during the gynecological examination. Click here to access!


An early diagnosis, requires effective products, such as the Contact Gel Supragel, a product that meets the needs of exams like ultrasound, ultrasonographies and electrocardiograms. All whithin the same composition. Click here to access!


After an extensive research with several doctors, Adlin is again innovating, by launching the Anoscope and also the Sigmoidoscope. Both, with anti-traumatic plunger, in a slit form. Innovation that is highly recognized and valued by the consumer market. Click here to access!


Known for the reliability of it’s products, Adlin is algo in the Hospitalar Segment. Click here to check out the brand new Umbilical Clamp. Designed especially by request and to better clamp the umbilical cord once the baby is born.